Since 1962 being in the life of manufacturing Gul Pres Dokum Sanayi AS. with the brand name known as GPD has been established in the year 1978 has a deep rooted and significant place throughout the Turkish market for the production of various bathroom and kitchen armatures,taps and water,gas,radiator valves and unions produced with brass raw materials with hot pressing and die casting.
GPD manufactures all products in it’s own building located in Istanbul-Beylikduzu, on an area of 12.000m2 which has a closed area of 3.000m2 and also has a contact and sales office in the same area location, Beylikdüzü. Apart from this it has another company named Polatlar Otomat San. A.Ş within the factory manufacturing automat materials.
All the production and management staff works are performed with a team spirit and develops its technological investments, production capacity and quality performance each and every day according to a company that always aims for the future with strong and secure steps. Hence thus ; it develops its products by designing brand new models in the direction of clients demands with the paralel of the new generation. Our company that owns the certificate of TS ISO 9001:2008 that is under the confirmation of TUV, continues the production in paralel of Quality Guarantee System conditions.
The primary goals of our team are Total Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Modern Enterprising.
Our products, which are all being produced by us have a certificate from the TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTE and are kept subject to 100 % tests at the assembling stage.
There is only a single goal in all the works and efforts of our dynamic team that is growing in parallel and adapting to the changes of the new generation, this is to achieve that the brand name GPD makes everyone feel the quality and trust in its own sector.




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