Granite is an igneous rock, at one time during its development it was melted like volcanic lava, unlike lava however the melted rock never reached the surface. It remained trapped inside the earth, where it slowly cooled and crystallised. The end result is a very uniform flecked appearance, strong and extremely durable stone. Granite is composed of quartz, feldspars, micas and other minerals of which contribute to the colour and texture. Granite is a very low maintenance and versatile stone available in wide range of stylish patterns and colours.

Granites rich colours, strength and density make it an ideal choice for commercial and domestic applications including flooring, bench tops, splashbacks, vanity tops, bars, wall cladding,  floors and even furniture, including dining tables, as well as external applications due to its solid characteristics and ability to withstand deterioration.
 As a guide for choosing the stone - the darker the stone the less chance of staining, discolouring or the need for frequent sealing, if at all. But on the negative side it also tends to show fingerprints and dust more readily.

All our granites slabs come in 20mm thickness and therefore the chances of chipping or breakage is minimised. We also have state of the art machines that are designed to produce any type of design a customer wishes.